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Regarding the Application for Direct Ph.D. Programs at NTU

Poster:Post date:2019-09-20
1 Eligibility of Applicant
Pursuant to Article 3 of the Regulations Governing Direct Ph.D. Programs,
an eligible application:
(1)has achieved a grade point average in the top one-third of his or her
class in the department, institute or degree program. The applicant’s
department, graduate institute or degree program may elect to rank the
student based on his or her grade point average over all required
courses or on a more stringent set of criteria; or
(2) has achieved excellent academic performance, as determined by the
department, graduate institute or degree program based on under other
special circumstances.

2. Submit the following documents as part of the application package:
(1)The form “Application for Direct Ph.D. Program”
(2)Undergraduate applicant: academic transcripts for all semesters
attended;Graduate applicant: academic transcript(s) for at least one
(3)Two recommendation letters from academic faculty (at the level of
assistant professor or above)
(4)Any other supporting documents required by the department, graduate
institute or degree program

3. Submit the completed application to the department, graduate institute or
degree program offering the Ph.D. program between September 30 and October 8.

4. Contact: Ms. Chen, Graduate Academic Affairs Division, Office of Academic
Affairs at Tel. 3366–2388 (on-campus no. 62388) ext. 412.

5. For information about the NTU “Research Improvement Program for Students in Direct Ph.D. Programs”, refer to https://goo.gl/8brdG4 . Program contact: Ms. Chan, Office of Research and Development. Tel. 3366–3262.
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