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Courses Withdrawal Application Due to 2013/12/6 PM 5:00.

Poster:Post date:2013-11-25

Courses Withdrawal Application Due to 2013/12/6 PM 5:00.
Applicants should fill in this application form personally with ratification
by the department head before deadline and submit the form to the Office of
Academic Affairs.

1.Undergraduate program, Master, PhD, Professional and Continuing Education
  Program students are eligible to apply.

2.Applicants may withdraw one course per semester only. (*Notes: Intern/lab
  course(s) could be withdrawn with the accompanied course(s). Applicants
  should fill in the 'course No.', 'class', and 'course title' in this
  application. In addition, if the course and the accompanied intern/lab
  course are taught by different instructors, all the instructors must sign
  this application form.

3.Total subjects or the number of credits after withdrawn should meet the
  3.1 Graduates: not less than one subject (with thesis).
  3.2 Undergraduates: not less than 9 credits
  (Professional and Continuing Students: not less than 6 credits.
  The last year and the extended students: at least one subject.)

4.The withdrawn course(s) will still show on the applicants' official
  transcripts and will be marked as 'WITHDRAWAL'. Credits for withdrawn
  course(s) will not be included in the total credits of the semester.

5.Applicants should pay full credit fees whether or not any course(s) is/are
  withdrawn. Those who have paid the credit fees but later withdraw a course(s)
  will not receive any refund; those who have not paid for the credit fees
  should still make full payment for the credit fees from the withdrawn

6.Courses Withdrawal Application Form

7.For graduate students who have registered for the master's thesis class or
  the doctoral thesis class, if they do not apply for the thesis examination,
  they don't need to withdraw the master's thesis class or the doctoral thesis
  class; if they have applied for the thesis examination but cannot attend the
  thesis examination, they also don't need to withdraw the master's degree
  thesis class or the doctoral thesis class. They only need to revoke the
  thesis examination application.

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