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[2016-12-23] Albert Chern,California Institute of Technology,"Schrödinger’s Smoke"

Poster:Post date:2016-11-11
Title: Schrödinger’s Smoke

Date:  2016-12-23  3:40pm-17:00pm
Location:  R102, CSIE
Speaker: Albert Chern, California Institute of Technology
Hosted by: Prof. Yung-Yu Chuang 


Visual simulation for fluid dynamics has long been recognized as an important but challenging task in computer graphics.  We describe a whole new approach for grid-based simulation of incompressible fluids.  In it, the fluid state is represented by a wavefunction evolving under the Schrödinger equation subject to incompressibility constraints. The underlying dynamics satisfies the Euler equation modified with a Landau-Lifshitz force. The latter ensures that dynamics due to thin vortical structures are faithfully reproduced. This enables robust simulation of intricate phenomena such as vortical wakes and interacting vortex filaments, even on modestly sized grids.  The numerical algorithms for time evolution are exceedingly simple.  In the talk I will also discuss the underlying theory which reveals fascinating relations between the Clebsch variables in classical fluids, spins in quantum mechanics, Landau-Lifshitz theory of ferromagnetic material, and the geometry of the 3-sphere.
This is a joint work with Peter Schröder from Caltech, and Felix Knöppel, Steffen Weißmann, Ulrich Pinkall from TU Berlin.

Albert Chern is currently a PhD student in Applied and Computational Mathematics at Caltech. He earned his B.S. and M.S. degrees from National Taiwan University, both in Mathematics. His teaching and research interest lies in an intersection between computational mathematics, differential geometry, discrete differential geometry, partial differential equations and computer graphics. One of his recent research focuses is on Fluid Dynamics and its simulation using its Quantum Mechanical analog.


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