Courses / Ph. D. Program

Courses in the GINM are categorized into three categories: Multimedia technology, Networking technology and Systems and Application. Each category includes courses offered by our faculty of courses approved by the Committee of Curriculum. With the approval of the director, students can apply for course exemption for related courses taken in other departments.

Ph.D., Program
1.    Required courses
        (1)         Doctoral Dissertation
        (2)         Special Project (required for every semester until the student is eligible to take the Doctoral Dissertation course)
        (3)         Seminar (at least 4 semesters before graduation)
2.    To graduate, students have to take at 18 credits from GINM (for those entering through direct admission to the Doctoral Program, the minimum credit required is 30). Among these credits, at least 6 credits must be from the category of multi-media technology, credits from networking technology, and at least 3 credits must be from the systems and application category. The credits earned from Doctoral Dissertation, Special Project and Seminar courses cannot be used to satisfy the graduation credits.

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